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About Grace & Holmes 


A fountain-penned letter, a beautiful book, vintage silk, old grained oak and new leather. Grace and Audrey, Sherlock and Bond, art nouveau and deco and 70s glam. Louis Seize and Arne Jacobsen, Chanel and Burberry, New York, Vienna, London and Paris. Music, laughter, good friends and family. These are the things we cannot live without.


Grace loves Holmes

I had the idea of Grace & Holmes a number of years ago as I was working in publishing. I have always loved beautiful antiques as well as design classics such as Eames and Henningsen. My whole apartment is a mix of English and French antiques with contemporary furniture and modern art. 

I grew up in the UK with my Austrian mother taking me to an array of wonderful English country houses and castles whilst listening to Mozart, Abba and buying second hand vintage couture. I also loved watching the old film classics from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Brideshead Revisited and Miss Marple. My heroes? Grace Kelly and Sherlock Holmes of course! I love the idea of beauty and elegance which is Grace mixed with intelligence and high functioning, which is Holmes. The perfect fusion of beauty and brains, form and function. 


Who is Grace & Holmes For?

We are not for the faint-hearted but for the daring. Those who want a life that is unique, different and dapper.
You are not willing to compromise on style and function. It’s a lifestyle choice and a certain feeling. We are for people who want to go that extra mile. Maybe you need a little push in your style and interior decisions. A practical guide, physical or emotional support or just inspiration. Grace & Holmes can provide all that. Experience our online shop, where you can find unique furniture, decor pieces and couture accessories made from unique luxury materials. Creative design consulting as well as fascinating stories in our in-depth blog. We are with you every step of the way, so you will never get lost. 


The G&H World

I want you to dive into a world of wonderment at G&H. We have the insider knowledge that none else will tell you and if we don’t know it, we will be dapper sure to find out! And because we don’t always want to sound our own horn we make sure we curate the best up-to-date interior, style and design news for you from our coops and partners on our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Make sure to catch us there! (link)  


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