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Looking to sell your cask of whisky? Mark Littler can help.

The market for single malt whisky is booming and new record prices are regularly being achieved at auction.

In late 2017 a single hogshead of Macallan sold at auction for almost £300,000.

Mark Littler, who is an independent antique value and whisky broker (and fellow Antique Young Gun) sold over £200,000 of casks for clients in 2017, and is already completing another five-figure deal for a client although we are only four days into 2018.

Mark's brokering service is a unique offering in the market.  Rather than consigning casks and then looking to find a buyer (a process that can take months), Mark looks to secure an offer before consigning the cask.  As such Mark can complete a sale from first email to transfer of funds to the client in under 3 weeks typically.

If you would like to find out more about Marks brokering service or would like a free valuation of your cask of whisky please visit or call Mark on 01270 440357.

- by Mark Littler | 2018-01-04